bash, etc.

#1514 <studmuffn> whenever people talk about ethics the sentences get longer

#61535 <Slime> I saw a headline on the newspaper today: „Horrific Rape in Alley“, or something.
<Slime> I was like „Is there any other kind of rape?“

#7885 <Halcr0> If I had a knife, I’d shoot you

– Ich fahre nicht zu schnell, das ist meine Qualifikationsrunde!

#13607 <NintendoGuru> Yoda of Borg am I! Assimilated shall you be! Futile resistance is, hmm?

#511932 <joshkr> Who is this General Error, and why’s he scanning my hard drive?
<de0n> He’s the boss of Major Malfunction
<bismuth> Looking for Private Pictures


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